PGR Committee Guest Blog: “I wish I had branched out and made more friends in my twenties”

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Check out the first guest blog from our Community Engagement Officer, Ben Yarnall, who is a member of the Postgraduate Research Committee…

Great news everyone! This weekend marks the first attempt, in my stay at the University of Southampton, of an open postgraduate event.

The presence of a postgraduate society for biological scientists was a great help to me in the first year of my PhD. I did not study here for my undergraduate degree and had no existing friends in the area. Having people to play socialise with from the word go at least distracted me from the daunting task I was undertaking.

Having since spoken to members of other schools, I learned that this was not necessarily true for every discipline. With this in mind, a team of professional socialisers are currently striving with the support of SUSU to create a more inclusive postgraduate community.

So please show your support by attending the planned event on Saturday 5th of March from 8pm at The Social Club in Bedford Place.

The event is FREE and includes entry into both The Social Club and the neighbouring Popworld later in the evening.

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