How to Save Money in Southampton: Saving energy around the house

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Welcome to the second installment in our three-part blog series about how you can save money in Southampton. Last week, we looked at how to save money on shopping/food and this time, we are going to impart our wisdom about how to save energy on your house. Both good for the planet and your wallet, these tips are not to be missed! If you’ve got any advice that you think would help other students, then please get in touch via our Twitter page @yoursusu.

Saving Energy Around the House

– Get leaky taps fixed, if your taps are constantly dripping you’re throwing litres of water down the drain every day.

– Shorten those showers, if you use a shower whilst standing in a bathtub, put the plug in, you’ll soon discover that a 10 minute shower is the same as filling up an entire bath full of water!

– Toilets, slightly older toilets have bigger cisterns, if the tank on the back holds more than 6 litres then each flush if wasting so much water. Your local water provider should be more than willing to provide you with bags or bricks to put in the cistern to save litres of water on every single flush.

– Turns lights off and use power-hungry products less (inc. Washing machine/ tumble drier/ hair-straighteners/ hairdryer/ kettle/ fans / plug in heaters)

– This is really just common sense. If you have gas central heating then set it up on a timer so it only comes on when necessary or turn the temperature down by a degree or too.

– Cold showers, nothing wakes you up like a cold shower and scientific research has shown that there is a wealth of health benefits. So grit your teeth and turn that temperature down.

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