How to Save Money in Southampton: Transport and Nights Out

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Welcome to the third and final blog in our series about how you can save money in Southampton. We have covered how to save money on shopping/food and energy in your house, but finally this blog focuses on transport and nights out. As essential as it is, it can drain your cash pretty quickly, so check out our tips to help you to keep hold of your pennies. If you’ve got any advice that you think would help other students, then please get in touch via our Twitter page @yoursusu.


Transport can be a large expense, especially with all those Oceana taxis! If you’re in first year – maximise that free bus pass; it goes pretty much everywhere you will need in Southampton! For second years, buying the bus pass at around £250 is a good option if you’re living in the city. If not, a bike or using those legs is the ideal option! At £3 a return each bus trip, you can save huge amount by just biking it to places. Find out more about our Students’ Union Road Cycling Club for info on bike stands and free bike maintenance here.

Don’t forget about our safety bus and safe taxi scheme, courtesy of Radio Taxis. Both schemes will always be there for you even if you do run out cash. You can find out how they work here.

Let’s be honest everyone likes a dance now and then, here’s a few tips on how to pull back those costs whilst you’re out on the town. In case you haven’t worked it out already most clubs are more expensive on Saturday or have specific days where they offer cheaper deals on drinks.

We work to give you cheaper deals on nights out. For example, we have partnered with Switch to get you deals for their weekly Tuesday night ‘Switched On’. For just £2 a ticket (or £4 with exclusive special guests), you also get £1.99 drinks deals at The Stag’s to sort out your pre-drinks, a free safety bus ride to Switch for every drink purchased and a free shot on arrival at Switch! Bargain!

We also offer a variety of cheap drinks and entertainment here at the Union, including £1.99 pints from The Stag’s every Friday, £4 tickets to Laughter Lounge and £4 tickets to the latest blockbusters at Union Films.

You can get tickets for our events from our Box Office.



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