Calling all 3rd years: Have you taken the NSS yet?

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What is the NSS?

If you’re a third year student, you probably can’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing about the National Student Survey, or NSS.

The NSS is a nationwide census of nearly half a million students which gathers feedback on your time at university. This information is then used to identify what went well and what could be improved.

The survey will soon be entering its next stage and contacting students by telephone, so if you haven’t yet taken the survey and want to avoid getting hassled, make sure you head over to the National Student Survey 2016 pronto!

But I’m leaving university soon – why should I take the survey?

As you know, here at the Students’ Union we’re pretty big on democracy. And student democracy doesn’t come much bigger than this. The NSS provides students with a powerful collective voice to reflect on their university experience and ultimately effect change for current and prospective students alike.

So if you want to leave a legacy and shape the academic experience of students to come, the NSS is where it’s at.

How do I get involved?

It couldn’t be simpler. The survey features 23 core questions and takes just 10 minutes to complete – and your responses remain completely anonymous. Head over to the National Student Survey 2016 for more information and to have your say!

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