What To Do at University If Drinking Alcohol Isn’t Your Cup of Tea-quila!

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At university you will find a variety of people and a lot of different activities available – whatever you like doing! Although some people may have you believe that everyone at university drinks lots of alcohol, this is not necessarily the case. Here are some ideas for things that you can do that do not involve drinking!

The first thing you can do is take a look at all the societies we have here! With over three hundred student groups, there are so many different fun activities that you can do, from being involved in making radio programmes with Surge to decorating cakes with Cake Decorating Society, as well as all the different sports clubs! The vast majority of societies run activities and events that don’t centre around drinking, although alcohol may be present at some socials. Check out the full list of student groups on our website and see if there is anything there that you want to try out!

Going beyond the boundaries of campus though, there are lots of things that you can do and find out, all from exploring Southampton. The first is just that – explore! Whether you’re taking a walk around the common, looking for that perfect picnic spot, or taking a trip around the historic city walls, getting out there is a fun activity in which you can learn all about the area around you, with absolutely no alcohol involved. The best part? This is all entirely free!

If you do have a bit of cash to spend, then there are some great leisure activities around Southampton that you can take part in. You could visit one of the many museum or historical sites, such as the SeaCity museum or the Tudor House and Garden. Both attractions explore the history of the surrounding area and the people that lived here, and provide hours of entertainment. Also, don’t forget that we have The Bridge, Bar Three Diner and The Cafe, which all offer a nice dining experience and food to take away. You can even get mocktails as well as the cocktail offering on Friday evenings at The Bridge.

If you’re one of the lucky students to have a car, then you can easily explore areas a bit wider afield than the city centre, but still situated within Southampton. Tenpin Bowling is an exciting way to spend a few hours, and they offer student deals on certain days, make sure to check out their website.

Now you have a whole host of things that you can do, both free and paid for, and all without any alcohol involved whatsoever. There’s enough activities here to keep you going for weeks on end, so now you need to get out there and enjoy all that there is on offer!

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