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If you could Change One Thing – about the Students’ Union, University, or even the world – what would it be?

As part of the this year’s Annual General Meeting at the Union, we’ll be asking every student to suggest one thing they’d like to change. It could be big or small – more water fountains in the library, or campaigning for a better system for student loans.

You can submit your idea online when term starts after Easter.

What happens then?

  1. We’ll post all the ideas we’ve received on the website, and everyone can rank the ones they like the most.
  1. If your idea gets ranked highly, you can write it up into a Proposal. This will explain the background to your idea, why you think it’s a good idea, and what exactly you’d like to see change.
  1. All these Proposals will then be posted online, and every student will be able to vote on them online – yes or no – and decide if they pass or fail.

Don’t forget that we give you the opportunity to make changes at the Union year-round as well using Make A Change. Simply type in your comments and the appropriate Sabbatical Officer will answer them on our website.

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