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If you’re lying in a heap of Easter egg wrappers feeling like you’ve overdone it, we hear you. So here are just some tips to help you rein it back in after that obligatory Easter splurge.

Go outdoors

Not getting your money’s worth out of that gym membership you signed up for in January? Why not get outside instead? Southampton has plenty of lovely green spaces for you to take advantage of, and now the nights are lighter, it’s the perfect time to get on the run. And there’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself – just a short run each day will be enough to make you feel relaxed and boost your energy – just what’s needed with exams around the corner.

Take up a new sport

It sounds obvious, but exercise not only improves your health – it also makes you feel good and it’s a great way of meeting new people too. Here at the Union there are over 80 sports teams for you to get involved in, from Quidditch to Capoeira – just take your pick! Find out more here.

Get those legs moving

If you drive or catch the bus to get to University, have you considered walking or cycling instead? It’s not convenient for everyone, but not only does it have great health benefits – it’s also much greener too! And with those dark mornings now a thing of the past, the timing couldn’t be better.

Ditch those sugary drinks

We already know from the likes of Jamie Oliver about the dangers of sugary drinks, and with a Sugar Tax soon to be in place following the latest Budget, what better time to swap the fizz for good old fashioned water. The physical benefits of drinking water are endless – it keeps you hydrated, gives you clearer skin and even curbs that desire to snack.

Healthy mealtime alternatives

Going on a health kick doesn’t mean you have to miss out on what you love. There are some pretty simple changes you can make to your diet to stay healthy whilst not having to go without. Why not choose wholegrain varieties of bread, pasta and cereals so you can still get your carb kick without losing out on vital nutrients. Opt for lower-fat dairy foods such as semi-skimmed or skimmed milk or lower-fat cheeses, and go for leaner cuts of meat. Or get more veg into your meals as a way of packing in extra nutrients and staying fuller for longer.

And for those times when you really fancy a takeaway, why not create your own version at home? There are plenty of recipes out there to help you get your takeaway fix – without even needing to reach for the phone!

And you don’t have to get caught out when you’re on the go either. With The Cafe providing smoothies crammed with fruit and veg, and a variety of healthy dishes available from The Bridge, you can still make good choices whilst on campus.

Snack smart

Being healthy shouldn’t mean complete deprivation. In fact, people who eat little and more often reap all kinds of benefits including higher levels of energy, improved mood, a faster metabolism and less desire to snack on the naughty stuff. So why not swap those indulgent treats for some fruit – great for your five a day – or graze on a handful of nuts or some yoghurt. You could even make your own healthy granola bars to snack on during those all-important study sessions.

Change 4 Life have some good suggestions to keep you inspired.

Treat yourself

Finally, you’re only human. And with all that studying, you deserve a treat here and there. Going completely cold turkey often leads to the opposite effect, so it’s important to have a little bit of what you fancy now and again.

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