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Hi guys! My name’s Flora, and I’m your current Halls Officer. My job is to help run all of the Halls Committees to ensure that your time in halls or Private Rented accommodation is as fun and productive as possible!

Last year’s Freshers’ was bigger and better than ever, and a large part of that was due to the amazing team of Fresher Reps that worked alongside the Halls Committees to help you all move in, get to events and introduce you to life here at the University of Southampton. We want to make this experience even better for 2016, so we need YOU!

What is a Fresher Rep?

A Fresher Rep is about so much more than just helping people move in, or going out loads! A Fresher Rep is there to support students as they move away from home, to help them get to know the city and to generally be a friendly face to people who will inevitably be nervous about starting uni! You’ll also be involved in the logistics of move-in weekend and Freshers’ week in general – helping people move into their flats, reassuring parents, and making sure that students know what events and activites are planned for them that evening, and for the rest of the week!

What makes a great Fresher Rep?

A great fresher rep is someone who is approachable, friendly and more importantly can relate to anyone, no matter what they’re studying, where they’re from or how old they are! Not all people in halls are first years – some are postgraduate, some are parents, and many are international students, so it’s really important that we engage with every single resident from the off! You don’t have to be currently living in halls to be a Fresher Rep, any student can apply!

What are the benefits for you guys?

There are so many benefits of being a fresher rep:

  • Improve your leadership and teamwork skills!
  • Boost your CV!
  • Get involved with the wide range of events and activites we offer over Freshers’!
  • Make loads of new friends!

Think this sounds like your kind of thing? Apply online here by Tuesday 19th April!

Any questions, please feel free to email me at hallsofficer@susu.org!

Halls love,


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