The new brand is coming…

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It’s official: we’ve moved from a brand review to a full-on rebrand. It probably feels like we started this journey a lifetime ago, but we’re finally on the home stretch to revealing the new look of your Students’ Union, and trust us – it’s much better than the ‘brand’ we unveiled for April Fools’!

Since our last update, our team and Holdens’ branding agency have been working hard to develop the initial brand route that was voted on at Union Council.

And now for the exciting bit. We’ll be getting a look at the next stage of our branding guidelines in the next couple of weeks, before launching the new brand in mid-May. It’s all getting very real now!

This process has all been part of us delivering a new brand that fulfils our potential, is proud to shout about all the great things we do at the Union – and, most importantly, engages with you in a fun, innovative and welcoming way.

It’s fantastic to have involved so many of you in the process and we hope you’re all as excited as us about the Union’s future with a new and improved brand.

If you would like to know any more about the Rebrand, please get in touch with your Union President, Ben Franklin or go to our website. Alternatively, tweet us @yoursusu, or contact us via our Facebook page and we will answer your questions.

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