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If you could Change One Thing – about the Students’ Union, University, or even the world – what would it be?

As part of this year’s Union Annual General Meeting (AGM), we’re giving you the chance to make key decisions about the future of the Union in the year ahead. We’re asking you to suggest one thing you’d like to change. It could be anything from stocking your favourite chocolate bar in The Shop to a radical change such as a new building! Or it might be something you want to change in the University, or even the world! We’re just getting your ideas, so be as creative as you like!

You can submit your ideas online at www.susu.org/change by 5pm on Monday 25th April 2016.

So what’s next?

  1. We’ll post all the ideas we’ve received on our website for you to rank the ones you think are best.
  1. If one of your ideas gets ranked highly, you can write it up into a Proposal. This will explain the background to your idea, why you think it’s a good idea, and what exactly you’d like to see change.
  1. All these Proposals will then be posted online, and every student will be able to vote online between 6th-11th May – yes or no – and decide if they pass or fail.

But I want to make changes now!

Great! You can ask questions, suggest ideas and make changes year-round as well using Make A Change. Simply type in your comments and the appropriate Sabbatical Officer will answer them on our website.

We’ve also reviewed our democratic structure to ake it even simpler for you to get involved and make changes at the Union. Read your Vice-President Democracy & Creative Industries, Kerry’s blog about the proposed changes, which will be voted on at this year’s AGM, so stay tuned!

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