EU Referendum: BritaIN or BrEXIT?

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Not sure whether to vote BritaIN or BrEXIT? Here are some of the facts to help you make an informed decision…

Reasons to remain according to Britain Stronger in Europe:

  • 3 million UK jobs are linked to our trade with the EU
  • The UK gets £66 million of investment every day from EU countries
  • For every £1 we put into the EU, we get almost £10 back through increased trade, investment, jobs, growth and low prices
  • Worker’s rights are protected by the EU, such as paid maternity leave and guaranteed holiday leave
  • EU laws protect women’s rights, including equal pay and anti-discrimination laws

Reasons to leave according to Vote Leave Take Control:

  • End the supremacy of EU law and the European Court
  • Take back the power to negotiate our own trade deals
  • Spend money on UK’s priorities, including NHS and schools
  • Take back control of migration policy
  • Negotiate a new UK-EU treaty

And most importantly, here are the reasons to remain that will affect YOU as a student:

  • The UK is the 2nd largest beneficiary of EU research funds
  • EU research funding constitute a vital source of income for world leading universities
  • We will benefit from the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme (£6bn) supporting exchanges, study visits, and learning abroad
  • Over 80% of small businesses see the EU as an important market
  • More jobs and opportunities for graduates
  • Freedom to live, work, and travel in the EU

This is why we believe the best decision for YOU is to REMAIN.

Whatever you choose, make sure you have your say and register to vote here before the 07 June.

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