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We have been rolling out our new brand identity this week across our campuses.

We started by changing the buildings’ external signs, before heading out on a roadshow to WSA and Avenue to showcase the new brand and give you a chance to ask us any questions.

Today marks our official Highfield launch of Union Southampton. Please stop by the Redbrick from 11:00 to chat with us about the brand and for an opportunity to get creative by putting your own stamp on the new face of the Union.

We are now Union Southampton, or simply, the Union. ‘Us’ will be the logo you can recognise us by.

Our strapline is Together – we chose this based on your feedback that you want to feel part of a community.

You may have seen our primary logo featured on our new signage:


Based on your feedback, we wanted a brand that is up-to-date and relevant but also able to stand the test of time. That’s why we created a dynamic identity that presents endless creative opportunities. For example, what appears at first glance to be an oversized full stop is actually a circular creative ‘sign-off’ that can be customised and tailored for a huge variety of looks.

This might be represented as a Captain America’s shield, a picture, a basketball, a sun, a moon, a PacMan, a donut, a face, a ball of yarn, a flower, a dartboard, a colour swash around the circle, millions of other potential representations…..all tied together by the Us (acronym for Union Southampton) element of the logo. This means that you can take ownership of the logo, whether it is for your student group event or for a cause you feel passionately about.

Here are just some examples of the colours and logo usage:


SignOffblue_yellow   SignOff_redgrey SignOff_red SignOff_duckegg



15051 - SUSU - Rebrand Flyer Design - Guidelines V2


We now have a logo which is both consistent and creative, so you can make it your own while still feeling part of a wider organisation. We will offer you free access to the new brand guidelines on our website at www.unionsouthampton.org very soon.

This new identity is only one part of the changes we’re making to give you a stronger, more inclusive and representative Union.



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