Graduating this year? Here’s 50 things to do before you leave Southampton

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However hard we try to deny it, the end of the year is nigh, which means another cohort of amazing students have to graduate from Southampton and go forth into the wide world. But have no fear – there’s still a month or so left to make the most of your time in Southampton, so we’ve compiled a list of 50 things to do before you leave our humble city.

  1. Have a BBQ on The Common
  2. Find one of the prizes in the Hartley Treasure Hunt
  3. Get a selfie with Susu the cat
  4. Indulge in a 10 piece breakfast from The Cafe
  5. Take the stage at The Stag’s Karaoke
  6. Get a shout out on your student radio station, Surge
  7. Order a Text-a-Toastie
  8. Visit Bournemouth and eat fish and chips on the beach
  9. Pub crawl? Take a pudding crawl down Portswood road instead! Start with Bar Three Diner and then head to Sprinkles, Scoops, Trago, the lot!
  10. See an up-and-coming band at The Joiners (Coldplay, Oasis, Ed Sheeran and Green Day have all played our hallowed local venue in the past!)
  11. See the view from Level 10 of the Maths building
  12. Go to a lecture that has nothing to do with your degree
  13. See a play at Turner Sims or The Mayflower
  14. Experience ‘Bay Watch’ at Jesters
  15. Go away on tour/to a national conference with your society
  16. Volunteer with RAG
  17. Post about your library crush on Tell Him/Tell Her
  18. Take a road trip to the New Forest. Complain as you’re stuck behind a traffic jam of ponies
  19. Get out of pyjamas and bed to go clubbing last minute (in fact, just go clubbing in your pyjamas)
  20. Take part in (and win) Sunday evening Quiz & Curry at The Bridge
  21. Take a trip to St Mary’s Stadium to support the Saints
  22. Visit the dock that The Titanic launched from
  23. Go to an Alma Road house party
  24. Go to an AU Wednesday night (even if you’re not in the AU)
  25. Treat yo’ self to a chip butty in The Bridge (carbs in carbs, what’s not to love?)
  26. Learn something new – take advantage of all the different societies – it could be a new language, a new sport, whatever you want!
  27. Experience the Oceana cheese room
  28. Pick up a copy of one of your Union magazines: The Edge & Wessex Scene
  29. See a film at Union Films (for only £3!)
  30. Go to a Team Southampton game – join in the loud cheering (even if/especially if you don’t know what’s going on)
  31. Go see a show put on by one of the performing arts societies
  32. Take a trip to all six of the local campuses: Highfield, the NOC, SGH, Winchester, Avenue, Boldrewood (and if you’re feeling particularly ambitious why not go to University of Southampton Malaysia Campus too!)
  33. Visit Winchester Cathedral
  34. Go to a society social of a society you’ve never been involved in
  35. Hold a ‘Come Dine With Me’ evening for your housemates
  36. Invest an unhealthy amount of time in creating some epic fancy dress
  37. Walk the Southampton walls
  38. Indulge in Turtle Bay’s happy hour
  39. Take a book out of Hartley Library that has nothing to do with your degree
  40. Sample Manzil’s cuisine (preferably at 3am after a night at Jesters)
  41. Play a ridiculously elaborate prank on a housemate
  42. Find, and have a picnic in, the elusive Valley Gardens
  43. Take part in pub golf (doesn’t have to be with alcohol) and take the dressing up seriously
  44. Order takeout straight to the library
  45. Spend an evening at the Laughter Lounge
  46. Show your friends from home around Southampton, take them to your favourite places and share your home away from home with them
  47. Get caught on camera by SUSUtv
  48. Introduce yourself to your neighbours if you haven’t already
  49. Take the obligatory ‘selfie-whilst-handing-in-dissertation’ photo
  50. Celebrate your time at University at Graduation Ball 2016!

Have you got any bucket list suggestions to add to the list? Get in touch at @Union_Soton with your ideas.

If you were lucky enough to get Grad Ball tickets, stay up-to-date with announcements on our Facebook event here.

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