Eddie Izzard #StandUpForEurope – A look back

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“My message to all students is please register [to vote] by the 07 June. That is the date, because otherwise older people will be deciding your future for you on the 23 June. You’ve got to register by the 07 June. It’s your decision. It’s your life. You’re going to have a big long future. The opportunities in Europe are there for you. Low cost flights, free roaming charges, healthcare all across Europe is right there now. It could be taken away from you so get registered before the 07 June and vote remain on the 23 June”.

  • Eddie Izzard, Stand Up For Europe, Wednesday 25 May 2016.

In case you missed comedian, activist and ultra marathon runner, Eddie Izzard’s visit to Switch, Southampton last week, you can keep-up-to-date with the coverage over at SUSUtv.

You can find out more about the arguments for remaining and leaving, including reasons that will directly affect students by clicking here.

In the meantime, whether you think we should remain or leave the EU (or perhaps you are undecided), make sure you register to vote before Monday (07 June) at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.


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