UK votes to leave EU in historic referendum

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In just our third nationwide referendum, 52% of the UK yesterday voted to leave the EU in what has been a historical decision in the future of Britain.

London’s stock market began to plunge as the Leave outcome came to light.

David Cameron, who has fiercely supported the Remain campaign, announced earlier today that he will stand down as prime minister in October following his defeat.

Two Labour MPs have also submitted a motion of no confidence in Labour leader and Remain campaigner Jeremy Corbyn.

Meanwhile Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, has announced a second Scottish independence referendum is ‘highly likely’ following the country’s resounding 62% vote in favour of remaining.

You can find a full breakdown of results here.

Although the EU treaty gives the UK two years to negotiate its withdrawal from the EU, we realise this is an uncertain time for many people studying, or considering studying, at the University of Southampton. The University have released a Brexit Statement as they start to understand the issues posed by the Brexit vote. You can read the statement here.




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