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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard that we have released our #SotonFreshers Master Pass. This is your ticket to the ultimate University of Southampton Freshers’ experience. Some of you have got in touch to ask us more about our Freshers’ programme, so we have compiled the most common questions and answered them right here…

  • Which events are included in the Master Pass?

You can make a £23.50 saving across our Freshers’ events and get a chance to go to all of this (click on each link for details on dates, times and which halls are for which date):
Welcome Party with Chris Stark and Drop Division – Saturday 24, Sunday 25, Monday 26 September (different dates for each halls)
Foam Party – Thursday 29, Friday 30 and Saturday 30 September (different dates for each halls)
Bloc Party – Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 September
Student Therapy x 2 – Wednesday 28 September and Thursday 06 October
Big Night Out – Thursday 13 October
Silent Disco – Sunday 02 and Monday 03 October
Laughter Lounge – Tuesday 27 and Thursday 29 September
Freshers’ Ball with Sigma, Becky Hill and Majestic– Saturday 08 October
★Southampton Soundclash Festival with ANDY C, JAMIE JONES, GROOVE ARMADA and PENDULUM – Saturday 01 October (we’re offering FREE transport to and from the festival).

Find out more about each event here.

You also get 10% off our outlets until 2017 including:
★ The Shop
★ The Shop on Top
★ The Diner
★ The Stag’s
★ The Bridge
★ The Cafe

Your Master Pass will also get you exclusive access to our Freshers’ Halls events.

Tickets £95 on sale now at www.unionsouthampton.org/boxoffice

  • How do I buy a ticket through the Box Office?
  1. You will need to be enrolled at the University before you can access our Box Office. You can find out more about the enrolment process and everything else you need to prepare before you arrive here.
  2. Go to www.unionsouthampton.org/boxoffice
  3. Register an account with your University email (@soton.ac.uk address)
  4. Select which tickets you would like to buy and pay online
  5. You will need to collect your tickets in person during Welcome Weekend (Saturday 24-Sunday 25 September)
  • Is the Master Pass worth it for me?

The Master Pass gives you a £23.50 saving across our Freshers’ events compared to buying individual tickets for each event. On top of all that, you also get 10% discount off all Union outlets until 2017 – perfect for those post-party treats. The only way you can guarantee entry to all our Freshers’ events is through the Master Pass, and entry to Student Therapy and our ‘MP only’ Halls events are exclusive to Master Pass holders.

  • What is Soundclash?

Soundclash is Southampton’s hottest dance day festival held on Saturday 01 October at Somerley Park, Ringwood. This year’s headliners include Andy C, Jamie Jones, Groove Armada (DJ set) and Pendulum (DJ set and verse). Tickets are normally £40, but work out as the equivalent of just £15 with the Master Pass. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to make friends during Freshers’ to have lots of other people to go with. We will be providing FREE transport to and from the festival to make things as easy as possible for you. View the full line-up at www.soundclashfest.com

  • Do I need a student ID?

Yes, every University of Southampton needs an ID card to access university buildings, Sport and Wellbeing facilities and the libraries. You will also need your Student ID (along with Photo ID) when you pick up any Box Office tickets (including any #SotonFreshers events).

You can find full details about how to apply for your ID card here.

  • What are the Halls Committees and which one is mine?

The University has 12 Halls of Residences, each with its own Halls Committee made up of elected students who are there to support you, help you settle in and organise events for you.

The Halls are:

Official Archers Road Halls 2016/17 – Romero, Gateley, St. Margaret’s House

Official Bencraft Halls 2016/17 – Bencraft Court

Official Chamberlain Halls 2016/17 – Hartley Grove, South Hill, Chamberlain

Official Connaught Halls 2016/17 – Connaught

Official Erasmus Park Halls 2016/17 – Erasmus Park

Official City Gateway Halls 2016/17 – City Gateway

Official Glen Eyre Halls 2016/17 – Chancellors’ Courts, Brunei House, Richard Newitt, J Block, Old Terrace, New Terrace, Beechmount House

Official Highfield Halls 2016/17 – Highfield Hall

Official Liberty Point Halls 2016/17 – Liberty Point

Official Mayflower Halls 2016/17 – Mayflower

Official Monte Halls 2016/17 – Montefiore (Monte)

Official Private Rented 2016/17 – Private Rented


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