Freshers’ 2016: Your ticket to some Foamin’ Fun

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Time to get soaked and soapy! This is the wildest and wettest event of Freshers’ so be prepared to be as drenched as a Glastonbury fan, minus the mud!

To avoid going without your mates, check which party your hall is assigned to!

Foam Party I – Thursday 29 September 2016: Archers Rd, Chamberlain, Mayflower, Monte, Private Rented
Foam Party II – Friday 30 September 2016: Bencraft, Connaught, Erasmus Park, City Gateway, Glen Eyre, Highfield, Liberty Point

For those coming back to the Uni of Southampton, it’s time to show the Freshers how well Southampton students do it!

Meet us at The Cube (Union Southampton Building – 42) with a foam-proof t-shirt and let’s dance (sorry, slip) the night away!

Free entry with Master Pass and £6 for individual tickets available at the Box Office (Reception, Building 42) or on the Box office website at www.unionsouthampton.org/boxoffice.

This event is almost always sold out so there’s  a high risk that tickets won’t be available at the door – please buy early to avoid being turned away and missing out on a fantastic night!


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