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We know this can be a confusing time period for a lot of you, and so last week we held a Q&A on our @Union_Soton Twitter account to answer some of your questions! Below is a quick recap of all that was asked in this particular Q&A, using the hashtag #SotonQandA. If there is something you would like to know which you can’t see here, join us for our next #SotonQandA on Wednesday 14 September between 13:00-15:00…

Q 1



Food is a very important part of student life, our VP Engagement Dan Varley answers Enrique’s question, and you can check out all things related to catered accommodation with that link!



VP Engagement Dan Varley was on a roll, getting in another answer, this time about the fresher packs that every fresher will receive, as Dan says, when you move in.




Although Dan was able to help a little with when Move In Weekend actually is, our friendly Monte Halls Committee guys stepped up to help Enrique too…


And Monte came to the rescue, single bed sheets ticked off the pre-university shopping list.


Showing that you don’t need to be based at Highfield campus to be able to interact with the Union, Dan shows Charlotte how you can access opportunities and support online as well as in person.


This is a simple question to answer, Sports and Wellbeing Package (so a gym membership) can be bought at any time of the year.



Dan knows! Usually everyone will find their exact address, including blocks and flats, on the day they move in. But don’t worry, they’re all lovely!


Another very important question here, most Freshers’ events do sell out of individual tickets, the only way to guarantee entry to events such as Freshers’ Ball is with a Master Pass, which you can pick up at www.unionsouthampton.org/boxoffice!



Lee, with the first of two very important questions. The Bunfight: Student Groups Fayre is the day where every society and student group will be showing themselves off, hoping to get your attention!



This second important question is on essential items, and luckily we have a blog coming up on our website just perfect for packing! Don’t forget, that anything you don’t have can be picked up in Southampton.


Another great question, this time from Paige. Most events don’t have a last date to buy tickets for, but then most events do sell out, so make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible!

Don’t forget, if you have a question then make sure to tweet us with the hashtag #SotonQandA, and we’ll hear from you on our next live tweeting session on Wednesday 14 September, so get your questions in at any time, but especially for our next Q&A.

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