What to Pack for University

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You’re coming to the Uni of Southampton, you’re about to have some of the best years of your life, and now you’ve got to ask yourself… Do I need to bring a kettle? Packing for university, and indeed knowing what to bring, can be a stressful experience. Of course if you forget anything there are enough places in Southampton or Winchester to get whatever you need, but this handy guide should help you get started.

Whatever room you’re in, you’re going to need a full set of bedding, from pillows to fitted sheets. These are pretty essential as you won’t want an uncomfortable first night! A handy tip could be to buy a double duvet and only sleep with half of it over you, particularly as most private rented houses tend to have double rooms. If you can afford it, a decent mattress protector will also add extra comfort and protect the bed.

Now the bed is sorted, let’s think about the room you have. When thinking of essentials, most rooms should already have a bin, a mirror and curtains alongside a main light and a desk chair, so you’ll only need to bring a few things such as a desk lamp if you can afford them. Don’t forget that you’ll need to clean your room, sink, or bathroom if you have one, and whilst mops and hoovers are provided in Halls, cleaning products are not.

When it comes to filling up your room, it’s worth remembering that in your first few weeks of university you’ll be going to all sorts of events including our various poster sales, so it may be worth waiting until you’re there before getting your interior design on. A few other little things that help make the room a little more homely include the pot plant (remember to water it!), a radio or a TV, but don’t forget that you need a licence to watch TV! Clothes wise, you’ll have a fairly spacious wardrobe, but not massive, so don’t feel you need to bring anything. Make sure to bring a few smart shirts though for any formal events, as well as gym clothes and enough clothes to keep you in a fresh outfit each day.

Moving on to the kitchen now, and you’ll need to be fully equipped for all the self-catered Halls, and for catered you’ll still require a few bits. Among the self-catered essentials are plates, bowls, cutlery, a baking tray and a pot and pan for the hob. It’s worth bringing a few extra pots and pans, but don’t bring too much crockery because you’ll soon have a pile of washing up to do! Mugs and glasses are also a must, but it is recommended that you wait until you get to your flat before bringing a kettle or toaster so that you can buy a joint one.

These are all the essentials that you should need to begin with. Other items you may want include irons, lamps, cushions and throws, but of course, these can all depend on your budget and your room.

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