Highlights from 2015-2016 Part 2 (February – June)

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This is the second part of our two-part blog special, looking back at all the great things that have happened in the Union and Southampton over the last year, to build up the excitement for all the great things that can happen this year! This part will take you from February right through to the end of the year, and it is in this period that our student-led media groups all celebrated big birthdays, with The Edge turning 5, SUSUtv 10, Surge turned 40 and Wessex Scene an astonishing 80!


  • Our Elections begin in February, with all sorts of roles on offer, including part-time Student Leader roles and Full-Time Officer roles. A campaign period of around a month, including interviews with the media outlets and posters and leaflets everywhere, all leads up to Elections Night Live itself which took place in March.
  • February also saw a week of talks organised by the Christian Union based around helping students to understand different issues, which was followed the week after by ‘Reason Week’ held by the Atheist Society.


  • The start of March meant the end of the main Spring Elections period for 2016, in which all of our Full-Time Officers, and the vast majority of our Student Leaders, had been elected on Elections Night Live, a huge flagship night of the year. Particularly impressive this year was the media coverage, including a media hub in The Café.
  • And just after March is the annual Varsity match, where each year we smash the University of Portsmouth at sports. Alternating between each city, this year it was in Southampton and well before the end of the day it became clear that we were going to retain the trophy and won again!


  • Most of April is taken over by the Easter break, but it is during this time that many of our student groups are able to go on tour, including sports tours to Spain and music tours to Germany!
  • However, when everyone is in Southampton in April, you can expect a whole host of great events as there was this year. Ranging from AGMs, where committees are elected, to some of the earlier balls, to great nights such as the Surge Awards, April is a hot bed of event for you to attend just before exams begin.


  • May heralds the beginning of awards season! Through May and June there are tonness of award ceremonies, ranging from student group specific through to the Union wide Excellence in Volunteering Awards.
  • May is also the month that holds the annual festival on the Common, Common People! Last year saw the music festival enter its second year, and all of our media outlets provided coverage, with headline acts this year being local boy Craig David and Duran Duran.


  • But the biggest ball of all is Grad Ball, celebrating the end of the University for so many students! And last year, for the first time, the Ball was held at Southampton Guildhall.
  • June also brings about the exam period and results day, where all the hard work and hours spent in the Hartley Library hopefully pay off. This year the university had some excellent results!
  • June is also the last month in office for all of our elected officers, with the new set of officers taking over officially on the 01 July.

We’re buzzing for the next academic year. Find out everything you need to know about our Freshers’ 2016 events and latest news on our official Freshers’ page. For other Union news, head over to our Facebook page.

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