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Here at Southampton we are proud to have over 300 student run student groups, ensuring there is something for everyone. Among these are four award-winning media outlets as well as your very own student cinema, based in the heart of the Union. Each of these groups are run by a Student Leader, elected in our Spring Elections, and each offer you a range of ways of getting involved, with anything from simply watching, reading or listening, to making potentially award-winning content or putting on a film. Here is a brief rundown of how they are!

Surge Radio – Surge are our radio station, broadcasting from their studios in the Union live each day of term, online at surgeradio.co.uk and often twice a year on FM. Surge broadcasts 24 hours a day, and when there is not a live show on, they have Total Request, in which you can choose what songs come up next! If you’re interested in getting involved, then email stationmanager@surgeradio.co.uk.
SUSUtv – SUSUtv are the TV station here, which has studios on level one of the Union, whilst also regularly filming and broadcasting from all over campus and beyond! You’ll see SUSUtv all throughout Freshers’ as they capture all of the antics on camera, keep an eye out for their wonderful videos that document the first weeks of term! If this sounds like it is for you, then email stationmanager@susu.tv.


The Edge – The Edge are our entertainment focused publication, which have printed copies throughout the year, as well as a regular online site. As they are focused solely on entertainment, they cover all bases, ranging from the latest music reviews, to the bustling Southampton theatre scene, and even the newest video games. If you want to be a part of this then email theedge@soton.ac.uk.

Wessex Scene – Wessex Scene are our publication for anything but entertainment, whether it is local news, fiery opinion pieces or latest sports updates, this is the place to go. Much like The Edge, Wessex Scene exist both as an online and print publication, and cover a very wide range of things, ranging from controversial debating topics to the best interior designs. If you’d like to write for them, then email editor@soton.ac.uk.

Union Films – Union Films are the student cinema that we have here, with screenings taking place multiple times a week, with films costing just £3. Union Films also show films in 3D for just a pound extra, whilst in previous years they have regularly put on movie marathons of your favourite films, as well as extended runs and midnight screenings of one or two of the year’s biggest blockbusters (last year it was Mockingjay Part 2 and Deadpool!). Not only that, they need people to help put the films on, and these volunteers then get to watch the film for free! If you’re interested in joining then check out their email form on their website.


Make sure you come along to our The Bunfight: Student Groups Fayre on Wednesday 28 September to find out more about our student media.

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