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Whether you’re studying in Southampton or in Winchester, there are so many different places to go and visit through your time as a student here. Of course, it goes without saying that if you’re studying in Winchester you should visit Southampton and vice versa (and check out our guides on some of the amazing places to see in each!), but there are also lots of places just a little further afield that offer some truly wonderful experiences.

  1. Stonehenge Nobody is quite sure what the original purpose of Stonehenge was, but it was estimated to have been constructed between 3000 and 2000 BC. Some archaeologists theorise that it was an ancient burial site, and it is very popular with the Pagan community, and each year the start of the summer solstice is celebrated at these mystical stones. Woodhenge, a similar wooden version, is nearby too, so it’s worth a visit.
  2. Bournemouth and Weymouth beaches Everyone loves a day at the beach, and although Southampton is on the coast, there are no beaches that you can sit down and make sand castles on here! Fortunately, Bournemouth is just a short train ride away, and Weymouth, another lovely beach, is just a little further down the line. Although these might not be the perfect winter destinations, in summer they are unbeatable, and make for a great day out with your friends.
  3. The New Forest Ask any Southampton student and this will be in the top three places they mention when wanting to visit someone out of town, and really it’s not surprising because it is a stunning area. From peaceful picnics to seeing the ponies that roam freely, this National Park attracts over 14 million people each year and is a staple place to visit for most students.
  4. Brighton Just along the coast in Sussex, Brighton is internationally renowned for its friendliness and open minded culture. Not only does it have a lovely beach, but it has a great pier and lots of bustling nightlife, and it is in Brighton there really is something for everyone, from the tame to the wild.
  5. Gunwharf Quays So Portsmouth might be our biggest competition, especially when it comes round to Varsity, but you’d be hard pushed to find better deals at outlet prices than at Gunwharf Quays. Situated right by the University of Portsmouth, if you’re after some retail therapy and big names and low prices, this is the place for you. Just think of this when it comes to Christmas time!

Now you have this little list to get you going, what are you waiting for? Check out those train times and get exploring what is around us!

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