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So you’re coming to Southampton in just a few weeks now, and it’s only right that you find out the most important and useful facts about our Union. Well make sure you check out some other blogs, because this one is all about some of the quirkier and more fun facts about the Union and the alumni!

  1. So among the many alumni that have passed through our doors, some of them have gone on to very big things! Top of the list is normally Radio 1 DJ, and former Surge DJ and SUSUtv member Chris Stark, who loves to come back to visit us here (and will be doing so this year at our Welcome Parties!). Other famous names include Jon Sopel, who has interviewed Barack Obama, the cleverest Egghead Kevin Ashman and BBC Sport commentator John Inverdale.
  2. We once had a ballroom… Yes, what is now The Bridge was once the university ballroom, where regular dinner dances and lessons took place. Now, there are a range of buildings used for dinner dances and balls, and if you want to learn ballroom dancing, we have a Ballroom and Latin society on hand ready for you!
  3. The earliest form of our Union can be seen to be dating back 95 years, when in 1921 a basic Union structure allowed one male and female member from each faculty to serve as representatives. This has continued to be expanded upon, and now, every single student here, whether you’re a first year undergraduate or a final year doctorate, you are automatically a member of our Union.
  4. This isn’t strictly Union related but still pretty cool; among our campuses we have world leading facilities, and our facilities include the National Oceanographic Centre, where so much aquatic research takes place, and our own wind tunnel which was used by Team GB cyclists among others to Olympic success!

Now you know this fun and handy tips, why not try and spread a few of them as you go through Freshers’, or even show them off to friends and family and show them what a great Union and university you are now a part of! If you have any more you can tell us, get in touch via Twitter @Union_Soton.

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