Freshers’ 2.0: Our Guide for Returning Students

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With all the focus on Freshers’, it’s important to remember that most of you have already been studying at the uni for at least a year. Whilst your lectures, exams and workload may increase, that’s not to say you can’t have an even better time in your second, third, fourth or even fifth year! Read our tips to have the ultimate returners experience:

  • Work hard, but play hard

As you progress through university, your workload will inevitably increase and get tougher, so you will need to spend those extra hours in the library reading up and preparing for deadlines. To counteract this, make sure in the times that you’re not working you really relax and enjoy yourself, however that may be. Perhaps think about doing things you would not normally do, like visiting the Isle of Wight or Stonehenge.

  • Start to focus your attentions

In your early years you probably signed up to 10 different student groups at the Bunfight: Student Groups Fayre, as well as doing lots of extra-curricular activities, but as your time becomes more precious you may struggle to keep all of it up. Choosing one or two things to really focus on will make these activities enjoyable and you’ll be able to get the best out of yourself whilst doing them.

  • Think about the future

This is probably one of the biggest clichés out there, but jobs and your career is unlikely to ever just present itself to you, and in a market where the majority of degrees awarded are 2:1 or above, it is still hard for graduates to find a job. By holding a committee position or leading a team of volunteers, you’ll make yourself stand out. Combine this with attending careers fayres and talks, and you’ll put yourself in a great position.

  • Explore Southampton

First year, you’re in halls, and you can perfect the route of the U1, but that’s about it. Now is your chance to go a bit further afield, perhaps exploring the lovely Oxford Street (in Southampton!), or wander around the common on an autumnal day. Whatever it is, Southampton is full of hidden treasures, so go and find them.

  • Embrace the Freshers

You were a Fresher once, you had the nerves and worries they did, so you’re able to really empathise with them. Sure it could be frustrating being asked 10 times where The Stag’s is or which bar is Bar 2, but embrace that and you can make more friends, learn more and generally have a great time!

So now you’ve got these tips at your disposal, take heed of them and hopefully you’ll find new ways to enjoy yourselves!

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