Sometimes all you want is a…Big Night In

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Going out to a nightclub isn’t for everyone. Sometimes all you fancy doing is staying in, sitting with your friends, chilling out and playing a game or two. Well, we have got you covered, because we are hosting Big Night In, the perfect night off the night out!

Whether you’re a fan of board games, video games, or classic card games, we’ve got something for everyone in this bonanza night in. Whether you’re a fan of the latest football games or good old gin rummy, you’re in for a treat. Not only that, but we’ll have fresh popcorn ready for your gaming munch from Bar 2, as well as opportunities for you to get yourself a relaxing tipple or a cool soft drink.

If you want to level up your love of games, we are hosting this event in collaboration with various societies including E-sports Society, Anime and Manga Society, Fandemonium Society and Games Society, so you will have the chance to chat with them and see how you get involved in future events.

You can expect games large and small including our giant board game in The Cube and a multiplayer game of Mario Kart on our cinema screen.

Sounds awesome, when is it?

The Big Night In is taking place on Wednesday 05 October between 18:00-23:00, all over the Union, but primarily in The Cube, Bar 2 and The Diner. You may notice that this is not the night of the Big Night Out, so if you want to attend both then you can!

How do I get tickets?

Big Night In is completely FREE, so you don’t need tickets. Simply turn up with your friends and game from the get-go!

I don’t have anyone to go with

That’s what Freshers’ is for – heading out to different events to make new friends. The more the merrier, we say, so come along anyway! You will meet other like-minded students! Also, speak to your Halls Committees – they are here to give you information and take you to and from events. Someone from your Halls will be up for coming along, so join our official Facebook event to see who’s going.

If you like the sound of this event, why not check out some of our other events by heading over to our Website calendar at www.unionsouthampton.org/calendar to see if anything takes you fancy, such as the Global Speed Meet! Happy gaming, and have a great night in!


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