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The results are in! 4,831 of you have voted in our all student vote (individual voters). As part of our new democratic structure, we’ve run a series of All Student Votes in order to gain your input on a variety of topics so have a look at the results displayed below.

Union campaigns

The “campaign for fair tuition fees” has been voted the most important campaign, followed by the “campaign for mental health and wellbeing”, “campaign for sexual consent awareness” and the “campaign for housing quality”. We are here to provide a fantastic experience to our members and this vote shows us which campaign will make the biggest difference. We will ensure that the “campaign for fair tuition fees” is our main priority but we will run the other campaigns during the year as it’s essential that we support all of our members and reflect how you voted. 4,646 students voted in this specific question and you can view the breakdown of each of the voting rounds on our Union President, Alex’s blog here.

Union Brand

4,711 students voted in the brand question. 2,557 students (54% of voters) told us that they preferred the Union Southampton brand and 2,154 preferred the SUSU brand. With regards to the name, 4,735 students voted. 3,328 of them (70% of voters) said they preferred the name SUSU. 1,407 (30%) said they preferred the name Union Southampton.

This rebrand has triggered a large debate and we are pleased to see an increased engagement in our democratic activities. We understand that this has been a passionate debate and we look forward to going from strength to strength with all of our members. The Trustee Board, including Full-Time Officer and Student Trustees, will now look to decide the next steps and will keep you updated on the progress in the coming months.

Tuition fees

4,580 students voted in this question. 2,669 of our students considered to be at University primarily to attain a qualification while 1,911 are here to learn. Knowing what our members consider to be their primary objective at university will help us shape the activities and programmes we put on. We have made ‘enrichment’ one of our strategic priorities for the year and we will work with the University to enhance the student experience.

Over the next few days, we will be updating you on the next steps of these projects. This All Student Vote has been a fantastic opportunity to get you involved in everything we do and we are pleased that 4,831 of you have taken the time to engage in the process and join the discussion. We will achieve the best results when working together and there are many other opportunities to make change, from taking a role as an Academic Rep or filling one of our Zones Open Places positions in the current elections (nominations close this Friday!), to putting forward ideas all year round through You Make Change.


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