SUSUtv and Wessex Films win seven awards at Southampton Film Festival

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Massive congratulations to SUSUtv and Wessex Films for winning a total of seven awards for their films submitted as part of the Exposure Filmmakers 48 Hour Film Challenge at last month’s Southampton Film Week.

SUSUtv has been awarded ‘Best Editor’ for their submission Sentence of Sentience that tells the story of an AI who is given 24 hours to live as a human.

Wessex Films took home six awards for Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best SFX, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Twenty teams of up to six crew members were given 48 hours to create a short film of four minutes or under, incorporating the theme of ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’. Filmmakers from across Hampshire from all backgrounds and levels of experience took part.
The films received positive reviews from the panel of judges, which included Perry Benson (Benidorm, This is England), screenwriter Richard Kurti (Robin Hood, Primeval) and filmmaker Peter Hearn (Dead Air, Scrawl starring Daisy Ridley).

Wessex Films have been awarded six awards: Best Screenplay went to the Dream Team for ‘Brian’ and the award for Best Director went to Pippa Short. Best Cinematography went to Leo Barton for ‘A-1’ (Team Adapt) and Best SFX went to Team Adapt and their film ‘A-1’. Best Actor went to Iman Bahmanabadi (‘A-1’ – Team Adapt) and Best Actress went to Pippa Short (‘Brian’ – Dream Team).

Cameron Meldrum, our Vice-President Democracy and Creative Industries, says “I am very proud to see our societies doing so well at Southampton Film Week, and it’s great to see them being rewarded for the high-quality work they do! With all these recent successes in the Union’s media outlets, now is a fantastic time to get involved!”

Julien Mathus, President of Wessex Films said: “There are no words strong enough to describe how proud I am of our victory at the 48 Hour Film Challenge. We came back with six awards, and nominations for almost every category. This shows how dedicated and passionate the members of our society are”

More information about the competition can be found at exposurefilmmakers.yolasite.com.

If you are interested in getting into TV production, find out more on SUSUtv’s Facebook page and Wessex Films’ website.

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