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The semester is nearly over, so we’ve compiled a bucket list for you to ‘sleigh’ (See what we did there) before you break up. Expect terrible puns, but lots of opportunity to make the most out of Uni before you travel home for the holidays:

  1. Nab yourself a mince pie and cream at The Cafe – Ignore the haters, festive spices and raisins are where it’s at! We don’t ‘mince’ our words, get in on the festive action and enjoy melt-in-the mouth pastry for just £1.25 each. Heaven.
  2. Secret Santa – Everyone loves a present and there’s nothing better than not knowing who it’s from. Plus, you can totally show someone how much you care or send signals to your crush via a Secret Santa.
  3. Frosty Walk in the Common – Enjoy the good old outdoors and burn off those roast dinners with a nice walk in the Common.
  4. Regret not wearing more outside – (it will happen see no. 3)
  5. Help out a charity – clear out your room or buy some items to give to Southampton’s homeless this Christmas.
  6. House roast – This is the step to do before no. 3. Grab your housemates and take a trip to Lidl (other supermarkets are available) and get roastin’
  7.  Mulled wine- Wine is already a winner, but mull it and it’s something else
  8. Buy a hot water bottle – Save on those energy bills and get warm the old fashioned way.
  9. Take a selfie with Chris and Stephen – Get away from the box and see the telly addicts in person at our Christmas Ball.
  10. Listen to some new live music – Help out a charity at the same time by heading over to tomorrow night’s RAG Breastival.
  11. Join a student group – It’s never too late! Browse our groups at unionsouthampton.org/groups and choose something to get into next semester.
  12. Watch Home Alone and Elf – Best Christmas films? Argue it out with your housemates.
  13. Read a book – An actual book! For pleasure – it will be hard to get into after so long studying, but you won;t regret it.
  14. Ring your Nan – Or Grandpa. Everyone deserves some love at Christmas and they’ll love to hear from you.
  15. Get one nice house photo – We’ve got a photo booth at Christmas Ball you can use, or just get together on the sofa, donning your Christmas jumpers and best smiles and do the awkward family photo.
  16. Watch the stars – Take a mindful five minutes and appreciate your surroundings. Pop your head out the window or have a look on your walk home and enjoy the beauty of the night sky.
  17. Eat a brussell sprout – You’re not 5 anymore. Be brave, hold those noses and give them a go. Tastes change and who knows, you might even (dare we say it) like them.
  18. Wear a Christmas jumper (16 December is Christmas Jumper Day) – It’s got to be done. We’;re offering prizes for the best jumpers at our WSA Quiz and Curry Festive Special.
  19. Decorate your house – Whether your budget calls for paper chains and snowflakes or you have some cash spare to buy decorations, it can be a good way to bond with your housemates.

Let us know how you get on by tweeting your experiences to us @Union_Soton.

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