Top 10 Christmas Traditions That Every Student Will Experience

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1) Stocking fillers

You don’t know why, but each year when you reach down to the bottom of your Christmas stocking Santa has decided to leave you a solitary satsuma. Is he a big fan of Vitamin C? Or just giving a new twist on the sackful of coal for those on the naughty list? We’ll never know.


2) Presents after dinner

Every year there is that one relative who suggests everyone opens their presents after eating dinner. Needless to say, the notion is swiftly rejected. Why would you want to wait for so many hours to open all of your enjoy seeing everyone open the presents you have spent so long deliberating over?


3) ‘Thank you, it’s just what I wanted’

The awkward realisation that, in fact, you weren’t hoping for another pair of socks or your third copy of that DVD. Nevertheless, its Christmas and you’ll be damned if you’re going to give away your slight disappointment as you pull off the wrapping paper.


4) Ketchup

Why is it that your Auntie always must have tomato ketchup on everything with their roast dinner? It’s just not natural to love it that much, surely?!


5) Sprouts

The age old argument. Love them or hate them, it is always sure to be a hot topic as Christmas lunch is served up. Your festive spirit is telling you to have them, but your mind is reminding you of how much you do not enjoy eating them. A pivotal decision that could make or break your meal.


6) Cracker gifts

We’ve all been there- you’ve pulled countless crackers at the table but come away empty handed, as your relatives gloat and squabble over the best prizes to come out of the crackers. Yet when everyone leaves the table the novelty toys that they’ve fought so hard for are left behind, discarded and unwanted. So why all the fuss to begin with?


7) Queen’s Speech

Who doesn’t love to sit down and see what Liz has to say on Christmas Day? In truth, probably a fair few of the crowd once lunch and a few drinks have gone down a treat. Yet she still ends up on the telly, satisfying your festive patriotism with aplomb.


8) Afternoon nap

This may be you, or more likely an elderly relative who is wiped out after copious food. Shortly after insisting that everyone watch that rerun of an age old Christmas Special (think Only Fools and Horses or The Royle Family) they’ll happily doze off on the sofa mid way through what is, according to them, a masterpiece of festive tv.


9) Leftovers

Christmas Day is winding to a close, but you’re not going to let all the leftover food go to waste! One turkey, stuffing, potato, veg and whatever else you can fit in sandwich will top off the day nicely. Note: also acceptable as mid morning meal on Boxing Day.


10) The Walk

Speaking of Boxing Day, who doesn’t love a good old walk? Someone will inevitably pipe up and suggest going for a stroll, no doubt as they feel guilty after the consumption of the day before. You’re duly obliged, as you may as well start that ‘get fit’ New Years resolution early.

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