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The Christmas holidays may be nearly over, but there’s no need to feel the January blues. As a little extra, we are giving away free Welfare Packs filled with goodies to our Halls Committees to help you survive the January study season. Whether you’re taking exams, submitting hand-ins and coursework or getting ready to go on placement, we’re here to support you. 
During the past week, our team have been joining Flora (Vice-President Student Communities) and Dan (Vice-President Engagement) to pack thousands of bags with surprises to get you through your next few deadlines. We don’t want to reveal all your presents at once, so we won’t tell you exactly what you can expect inside, but all we will say is that they’re not to be missed!
We’ll be distributing the bags to our Halls Committees from next Monday in the following places:
Monday 09 January
💝 Highfield Halls Old Bar 18:00-20:00
Tuesday 10 January
💝 Bencraft Common Room 15:00-17:00
💝 Erasmus Park Reception/Common Room Area 18:00-20:00
Friday 13 January
💝 Mayflower Courtyard/Reception Area 12:00-15:00
💝 Archers Road – On the grass next to Gateley Halls Common Room and Reception 16:00-18:00
Monday 16 January
💝 Monte Boiler House 13:00-16:00
💝 Connaught SCR or the small Ressup Office 17:00-19:00
Tuesday 17 January
💝 Chamberlain Common Room 16:00-19:00
Wednesday 18 January
💝 City Gateway Reception 17:00-19:00
Thursday 19 January
💝 Glen Eyre Bar 12:00-15:00
If you’re based at Liberty Point or in first year Private Rented accommodation – we’ve not forgotten you. Stay tuned for the details of how you can pick up your bags.
Don’t forget to tweet us with pictures of your pick-up to show us what you got and how you used it @union_soton 
Best of luck in your studies!
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