Three Union dance groups place at KCL Just Dance It 2017

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Bhangra Society joined fourteen other University of Southampton dance societies to enter the KCL Just Dance It 2017 competition at the Greenwood Theatre in Central London.

Seven University of Southampton dance squads entered the dance competition, including Novice Ballet, Novice Tap, Novice Jazz, Novice Contemporary, Novice Street, Salsa and Bhangra, dancing in six different categories: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Street and Wildcard divided into novice and advanced levels.

The competition, attended by ten universities, was a triumph for our student groups, with Novice Tap and Novice Ballet winning their category, Novice Contemporary placing 2nd, Bhangra Society coming 4th and Salsa achieving 6th in the wildcard category.

Bhangra Society President, Yvonne, says, “to achieve such a high standard and great response has been unexpected and frankly a little exhilarating. Our Facebook page hasn’t seen this many comments and visits all year. As we chose to only do one competition this year, the rest of the year is focused on shows and promoting this fun, energetic dance so that we can come back bigger and better next year!”

Bhangra Society member, Niruna says, “It was a … rewarding experience … The energy and reaction to the performance was unexpected and made me feel really proud about what we had achieved in a matter of weeks”.

If you are interested in joining our dance societies, find out more at www.unionsouthampton.org/groups.


Bhangra Society – Orange: Ashna Belani Yellow: Kareena Lawson Pink: Mathanisha Gajendrakumaran Blue: Nirali Son Purple: Niruna Suntharalingam Turquoise: Yvonne Zanker






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