Rugby Football Club promote the Look After Your Mate campaign and show their softer side

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What would you think if we asked you – what are Rugby Football players like?

You might perhaps imagine 15 oversized, hairy and muddy men in the field of play? Do you hear their low grunts or maybe wince at the thought of bone crunching tackles? Does it conjure thoughts of wasted exertion in fruitless pursuit of an oval ball?

Well, if that is what you thought you couldn’t be more wrong.


Well, on an unprepossessing and grey day all the way back in December, men and women from our Rugby Football Club volunteered to pitch up on that day to model for the Look After Your Mate campaign photoshoot.

The Look After Your Mate campaign aims to help student’s support each other in tough times. Evidence shows that students often tell their mates about their problems before using an official service. So it’s vital to offer our students the chance to learn the practical skills to best support a friend in tough times.

Students who sign up to Look After Your Mate have the opportunity to attend a two-hour interactive session which will equip them with these key skills. For details of the 2017 launch, email laym@unionsouthampton.org or pop in to The Advice Centre in Building 40 (above the Stag’s), Highfield campus.

If being in a team is about anything – it’s about looking after your mate.

Rugby Football Club getting into the team spirit with Look After Your Mate

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