The 10 Best Things About This March

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Despite being in the throes of Storm Doris this week, we are looking ahead to what’s set to be a great March. In no particular order, here’s why we think March is one of the most underrated months in the student calendar…

1.Lighter evenings

So where lighter mornings doesn’t really register on the student radar, we’re loving being able to walk back from campus at the end of the day knowing that we have experienced some sunlight. It has even been worth heading out for a quick walk around the stream at Highfield campus during lunchtimes to stock up on all the Vitamin D we lost during the winter.

2. Pancake Day

Anything that gives us an excuse to combine both Nutella and peanut butter on a spoon and shamelessly gorge on the somewhat questionable (though don’t question it) tradition of frying and tossing batter is ok with us. Stay tuned around campus, because we may well have some Pancake Day surprises coming your way!

3. Vegan Paninis at The Stag’s

We have been asking by our members to get in more vegetarian and vegan foods across our outlets, so we’ve listened to your comments and launched vegan paninis in The Stag’s. Although technically introduced in February, the lighter evenings in March means a cheeky cider on the Redbrick after the library = snacks, so we’re looking forward to seeing how this new addition fares during the new month. #YouSaidWeDid – If you have any other great suggestions or ideas, you can submit them online at www.unionsouthampton.org/you-make-change.

4. New life

Usually the thought of babies would make many students squirm, but the promise of Spring lambs, chicks and bright yellow daffodils are enough to make even the most cynical among us beam with delight. If you have a weekend spare, we cannot recommend a visit to Manor Farm in Bursledon highly enough. Packed with excuses to gush over lots of tiny newborn animals and… wait for it, opportunities to feed them, it makes a great escape from the greyness of Southampton central. But if you don’t want to trek that far, a closer visit to the Highfield campus duck pond should satisfy your need to say ‘awwww’.

The ducks on campus are quackers about the graduation ceremonies! #duck

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5. International Women’s Day

Need we explain?! The 08 March sees the day that half of the world’s population can celebrate with glee at the thought of better opportunities and a brighter future. Read more here where we caught up with  Feminist Society’s Emily. Stay tuned to our Union Southampton Facebook page to hear more about how we are marking the day.

6. Easter Holidays

Waking up to the sun shining through your childhood bedroom window as you hear the faint sounds of your mum pottering around the kitchen making you your morning cup of tea…bliss. Then taking a long, lazy shower and pulling on CLEAN clothes that you didn’t have to wash has to be the best thing about the holidays. Yes, you have revision to do, but ssh, there’s plenty of time for boxset binges and catching up with old friends.

Welcome to Westworld…

7. St. Patrick’s Day

Long gone are the days where you had to be Irish to appreciate St. Patrick’s Day. Now, most venues in and around Southampton will be holding special events which basically result in an excuse to relax in oversized green top hats as you drink copious amounts of Guinness and relive the days of B*Witched.

8. New Film Releases

The post-Oscars film lull when everyone is too scared to compete with the top spot has passed in March and the highly anticipated film releases begin again. ‘Beauty and the Beast?!’, you say in mock horror – yes, this actually looks pretty good. Gone are the cheesier strands of the original Disney cartoon as Emma Watson takes the role of Belle and with a cast complete with Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson and Ewan McGregor, the film makes a pretty promising start. They managed to keep in the talking teacups too to hark back to the original (we know, we know, we said the cheesy bits had gone, but this had to stay!).

9. Sum 41 at Southampton Guildhall

No matter what we try to do to pretend it didn’t happen, we can’t deny that anybody who was anybody in the early 2000s wore sweat bands and sung along to these nu-metal babes by pronouncing every lyric in an Canadian accent. Added kudos points if you had the oversized black hoodie with the Converse rip-off star logo for the band. The pop punk boys are back and taking on Southampton Guildhall in a sell-out show on 06 March that makes you wonder what Avril was thinking when she broke it off with Deryck and leaves you firm in the belief that ‘All Killer No Filler’ is the best album title of all time.

10. Varsity

The month where the Southampton/Portsmouth rivalry hits new heights and it becomes completely acceptable to publicly bash our (nearly) neighbours. Although we know many of our members are smug in the knowledge that ‘we always win’, it’s important that we turn out on the day to support our Team Southampton sporting heroes to show that not only is our team the best, but so are our fans. Represent. This year we’re really getting the antlers out for our Stags as we offer you free transport and a t-shirt in your tickets, available to purchase from our Box Office at www.unionsouthampton.org/boxoffice. Find out more about the fixtures and don’t forget to keep the 18 March free for match day.

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