You Are More Than Your Studies

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With exams and coursework deadlines approaching, you will be pleased to find out that we will be running our campaign again this summer to help you to relax and remind you that while your university work is important, you are more than your studies and you deserve time to relax and re-energise between deadlines.
The timetable is shaping up to be another cracker, with visits from adorable dogs and farm animals, plus favourites such as our Postgrad Power Teas and meditation classes to help you stay chilled as you smash that work out. Here’s what you can expect:

Tuesday 09 May, 11:00-15:00
Meet The Farm Animals

The grassy area in front of Building 40, Highfield campus
The farm animals are back! Admire them, get some great snaps and relax away from your studies.
Friday 12 May, 19:00 – 20:30
Researchers’ Café
Coffee#1 Portswood Road, Southampton
Enjoy free refillable tea and coffee with a biscuit and have an informal discussion on current research topics, including Alzheimer’s disease and contagious cancers and the immune system.

Monday 22 May, 12:00 – 13:00
Yoga at SGH
LC51, South Academic Block, Southampton General Hospital
Relax and unwind with a free yoga session at Southampton General Hospital.


Wednesday 24 May, 11:00-14:00
Meet The Hearing Dogs

The Redbrick, Union Southampton, (B42), Highfield campus
Remember when we asked you to name a puppy? You chose the name Luna, and we’re giving you the chance to meet Luna and find out how she is getting on.
Wednesday 31 May, 11:00-14:00
Meet the Guide Dogs at WSA

Grass outside the WSA Café
Our doggy faves are back, this time visiting WSA for cuddles.

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Study Spaces

Monday 22 May – 09 June
Revision Space
Meeting Rooms 2 and 3, Building 42, Highfield campus

We know that finding space to revise and work isn’t as easy as it sounds. With noisy housemates, full library spaces and the temptation to become distracted at home can leave you feeling as though there isn’t anywhere to crack on. That’s why we’ve booked out our meeting rooms as dedicated revision spaces for you to use to your heart’s content. No need to book, just turn up, enjoy some free snacks which we have strategically left for when you need a little boost and get going!

Monday 22 May – 09 June
Chill Out Space
Bar 2, Building 42, Highfield campus
If you want a quiet moment to relax, procrastinate or bury your head in the sand – we can help with that too! While we don’t recommend that you leave things until the last minute, sometimes a little break may be just what you need. Head to the beanbags in Bar 2 for a chance to sit, watch a boxset and relax.

Residences study spaces
Across halls
Study spaces at halls are available to all residents studying for exams. Unfortunately, with the exception of the Mayflower Study Centre, we do not have the space to accommodate non-residents at this time. Here is the list of study rooms which are open 24/7:

Glen Eyre

  • Glen Eyre JCR
  • Hartley Grove B Common room available
  • Chamberlain Common rooms available (fob required)


  • Bencraft Office room G available


  • Mayflower Block C Learning Centre (fob required)

Wessex Lane

  • Connaught SCR

City Gateway

  • City Gateway Common Room

Archers Road

  • Gateley Common Room

There are also some spaces with limited opening hours. These are:

Wessex Lane

  • The Boiler House is available 24/7 until Monday 19 June, but will be closed on Thursday 18 and Thursday 25 May.

Highfield Hall

  • Highfield Dining Hall is available 24/7, except for 08:00–10:00 and 17:45–19:30 on weekdays.
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