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It has come to light that the University is in the process of implementing a restructuring of the Residents’ Support Service (RESSUP), moving from an overnight service to a 24-hour one, which will result in an 18 to 20% cut in take-home pay for the members of that team according to UNISON.

RESSUP is a key support service for students living in halls, offering pastoral support, practical support, advice, and generally a friendly face to students who might be struggling.

We consider RESSUP as one of the key elements to providing welfare support for students and improving the student experience on a daily basis.

We believe that these cuts have the potential to remove much needed experience from the team, as well as drastically affecting the morale of those involved, which may detrimentally impact interactions with students.

Alex Hovden, Union President and Flora Noble, Union President-Elect comment: “We met with UNISON, the public services trade union, on Thursday 01 June and were informed that their members were voting on whether to undertake strike action. We have since agreed to lend our support to those affected and the Students’ Union stand in solidarity with the members of staff in question who are fighting for fair pay. We urge the University to meet with UNISON representatives and work with them to find common ground”.

We note that this restructure is part of a bigger reorganisation of the student support in halls and we fully support plans to expand pastoral support beyond overnight to a 24-hour appropriate service.

If you have any questions, please contact comms@unionsouthampton.org

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