Graduates: 8 Top Tips for Job Hunting

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Congratulations to all of our recent graduates! This is an exciting time of year (we’re talking selfies with your pals all robed up, holidays, meals out and ciders in the sun) but what happens when it’s time to face reality and begin the job hunt?

Here are 8 of our top tips for you to bear in mind if you’re yet to secure a job.

  1. Don’t let rejection put you off your search. No one likes to be rejected and we understand it can be sad when you don’t make the cut for a role you set your heart on. Try your best to take it on the chin and move on.
  2. Always ask for feedback. This will help you understand how you can improve your application, covering letter or interview skills. Asking for feedback might feel a little awkward at first, but it will really help you in the long run.
  3. Show interest by contacting the employer directly. Giving the employer a quick friendly call or email to find out more information about the company and the role you want to apply for will show your enthusiasm and interest – it might make you more memorable too!
  4. Talk through your options. Have a chat with your friends and family about what kind of roles you’re considering – they might even suggest a job they think you’d be good at that hadn’t even crossed your mind. Our VP Welfare, Sam, also encourages new graduates who might be struggling to make the most of the University’s Careers and Employability Service (based within the Student Services Centre, B37, Highfield campus) as the advisers here can continue to offer help and support after graduation.
  5. Create a LinkedIn profile (and keep it up-to-date!) Setting up a LinkedIn profile will allow you to search for jobs and easily connect with employers. Your profile is your chance to showcase your skills, qualifications and work experience – don’t forget to note any volunteering you’ve done too! This is a professional social network, so having a recent head-shot where you look smart (ideally against a plain background) is recommended.
  6. Tailor your applications. Employers hate an obvious copy and paste job when it comes to covering letters and applications. Make sure you always tailor your application to the specific role. It’s great to have interest in different industries, but an application you used for one role might not be at all relevant to another. Put in that extra time and effort to make your application stand out for the right reasons.
  7. Be mindful of your digital footprint. Lots of employers will give potential candidates a sneaky Google before inviting them to an interview, so make sure your privacy settings are up to scratch. Do you really want them to see all your drunken selfies, or the embarrassing stream of Tweets you posted while watching the final of Love Island? Maybe not!
  8. Remember to have some “me time” and relax. You’ve worked so hard and just finished your degree so remember to treat yourself to regular breaks too. It can feel like you’re sitting on a ticking time bomb to hurry up and find a job when your friends seem to have got their lives in gear work-wise, but remember, it’s not a race and your time will come – we promise!

We wish you the best of luck – in the meantime, here are some great photos from this year’s graduation ceremonies so far. #UoSGraduation


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