Farm4life: Helping Disadvantaged Communities

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We recently donated boxes of our off-brand t-shirts to a fantastic international charity called Farm4life.

Working predominantly in Ghana to provide communities with relief from financial, social and economic hardship, Farm4life aims to improve the education and general well-being of young people and adults.

Farm4life was co-founded by Lloyd and Karen Clewer following Lloyd’s visit to Jamestown, Accra, where he was saw first-hand the day-to-day struggles of those living in disadvantaged communities.

The organisation particularly encourages the donation of furniture, including desks and chairs. These are taken apart and sent over to Farm4life co-workers who live in the communities in need. They then reassemble the items and distribute them to local hospitals and schools. Other donations are sold on to pay for their wages – this helps to support the co-workers, their families and the wider community.

We’re often guilty of taking for granted items such as desks and stationary, but these things can dramatically enhance the lives of those living in deprived communities, as it provides them with a better working environment and learning space.

Samuel Dedman, our VP Education, said, “I’m really pleased that we could find a good home for our uncollected Academic Rep clothing. The Union have previously donated to the same project, and I hope that both the Education Zone and the Union as a whole can continue this in the future!”


Lots of the children and adults in Gambia love the t-shirts we donated last year too!


Farm4life relies on the goodwill and generosity of friends, partners and organisations. Find out more, including information about how you can support the charity, on their website, or Facebook Page.

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