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It’s time to chat to our WSA Welfare Office, Sam. Let’s find out her favourite place in Winchester and more in the Q&A below…

What do you study and what year are you in?

I study Games Design and Art, and currently I am in my third year.

What is your main aim being Welfare Officer?

If I am honest, I want to be that very loud voice (apparently us northerners are loud? I mean I know I can be, but I’m honestly not loud often and without reason!) for the people who don’t feel like they can speak out. I’ve had a rough time and it felt like no one was willing to give me the time of day. I failed a year, and I drowned in my own mind and I couldn’t do anything…  I wouldn’t like to think that some people could be, and are going through, the same experiences without doing something. I am willing to even just listen to their troubles (because I know some people sometimes don’t want action done just yet but an ear to lend) and I want students to know that I’m not going to judge them.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Pottermore says I’m a fox, my family say I’m a house cat and I’m pretty sure my friends think I’m along the lines of a sloth? Out of the 3 I think it is safer to say a house cat, a large one at that. One with fluffy fur and that enjoys food too much for its own good.

Favourite place in Winchester?

Winnall Moors. If you catch it at the right time of day or evening, it is beautiful. You are surrounded by wildlife and streams. Just avoid the end field when the cows are there. Pub wise, the one recently won me over was ‘The Willow Tree’ simply for their garden.

Favourite event at the Union you have been to so far?

I’ve been here a while, so I have lots! The Drag Queen night was pretty amazing, but my winner is most likely going to Karaoke with Rocksoc every other week simply because they make me laugh to no end!

Tell us an interesting fact:

In Lord of the Rings, the bit in The Two Towers where Aragorn kicks an orcs helmet and shouts out, he actually broke his toe when he was kicking it so the shout was a genuine shout.

Great to chat to you, Sam! We are excited to see how you support our WSA students’ well-being.

If you feel like you may need some support, please visit the Advice Centre in Building 40 (Highfield Campus). Advisers will be able to give you free, confidential, and impartial advice in a friendly and comfortable setting. You can also phone or email them if you can’t make it in person –  check here for their contact details.

The WSA Facebook page is the easiest way to stay in the know, so be sure to give it a ‘Like’.

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