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Hi everyone, it’s Venny, the WSA Campus President for 2017/18.

As a member of the WSA Student Committee, I strive to represent you as best as possible. I’m here to listen to your concerns, help solve your problems, and enhance your student experience in any way I can, along with the rest of the Committee.

Based on feedback the Union has gathered over a multitude of years, and personal experience, we know first-hand that printing costs are a major issue for the vast majority of students at WSA. Many of you have requested to either have more affordable printing services, or to have some form of printing credit. We hear you, and trust me, we want these changes as badly as you do.

However, to bring about this highly requested change, we need your help. We’ve prepared a quick and easy survey, and it would be great if you could take the time to complete it. The more feedback we gather, the greater chance we have of making positive change. If you have any further thoughts, comments, or anything else that you would like to share on the topic of printing, feel free to contact your Students’ Union’s Course Reps.

Here’s the survey – go crazy on it!

On a side note, all members of the WSA Committee now have black committee hoodies with our names on, so if you ever spot us around campus then feel free to say hi and have a chat! You can also contact all of the committee at wsacommittee@susu.org, or myself directly at wsacampuspres@susu.org. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ the WSA Facebook page to keep up-to-date with our latest news and events.

Thank you all and we’ll get back to you as soon as there’s progress.

Venezia Georgieva, WSA Campus President

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