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It’s the most wonderful time of year and we are excited to announce the return of our 12 Days of Christmas competitions! Every day, from Monday 04 until Friday 15 December, there will be a new competition and new prizes on offer. All you have to do is keep an eye on our Facebook page for clues and details of how to enter each day.

Without further ado, lets open the doors in the 12 Days of SUSU… #12daysofSUSU

Day 12 (15 December)

Our Christmas teddy bear is hiding, where could he be? Track him down and you’ll be the lucky winner of a FREE pair of Bluetooth headphones! Here’s a little clue below to where he’s hiding…

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Update: Our Christmas teddy has been found! Congratulations, Gaven Yeh Yang.

Day 11 (14 December)

Today we would love to see how you have decorated your student halls or house. Have you filled every corner with decorations and tinsel, or gone for a more minimalist style? Tag your photos with @Union_Soton and #12daysofSUSU on Instagram to be entered into a prize draw to win a pizza and a pint from The Stag’s. We can’t wait to see your pics!

Also, our Christmas teddy bear is still hidden somewhere in Building 42, which means our prize of three FREE Union Films cinema tickets (for ANY film) is still up for grabs. Check out the details for Day 10 to find out more.

Day 10 (13 December)

Want to win three cinema tickets for ANY Union Films screening? Simply track down Raymond, our Christmas teddy bear, somewhere in Building 42. He’s dressed in his festive outfit, and we’ve given you a little clue with our Full-Time Officers below! Return Raymond to the main office in Building 40 to claim your prize, good luck!


Day 9 (12 December)

Southampton RAG have released their annual Naked Calendar! For your chance to win one, all you have to do is Like and Share their Facebook post below about their incredible total so far (which we are super proud of!) You can read more about this here.

Winner: Charlotte Bamford. Congrats, Charlotte! Get in touch on Facebook to arrange collection of your calendar.

Day 8 (11 December)

Today the search is on for Frosty the Snowman. Frosty is hiding somewhere in Building 40 and whoever tracks him down wins a free Team Southampton hoodie! Psst, we’ve posted a clue below…looks like he’s having tons of fun!

Update: Frosty has been found! Winner: Danny Rickard



Day 7 (10 December)

A competition for our sports fans today! To be in with a chance of winning a ticket to Varsity 2018, simply head over to our You Make Change website and put in a suggestion. This could be absolutely anything: maybe you have a question you’d like answered, a brilliant idea to improve student life or a concern you’d like to share. Let us know.

Winner will be announced on Monday 11 December and will be drawn at random.

Day 6 (09 December)

Do you know someone who would make a fantastic Full-Time Officer? Nominations for our Spring Elections open soon and we are encouraging everyone who thinks it could be the role for them to step forward! Email your nominations to democracy@susu.org to be entered into a prize draw to win a free waffle and hot drink for two people from Bar Three. You could plan an election campaign together over a yummy dessert!

Winner: Emily Gilbert Enjoy your dessert, Emily!

Day 5 (08 December)

It’s day five of our 12 days of Christmas and today you can win a cocktail pitcher from The Stag’s. All you have to do to enter is think of a fantastic name for a festive cocktail! We will choose the one we think is the best and our bars team will create a cocktail based on the name. You can then enjoy a pitcher of your very own cocktail! So get your thinking caps on and comment with your idea on the Union’s Facebook post.

Winner: Millie Cassidy with ‘Gin-gle Bell Rock’

Day 4 (07 December)

Today we are giving you the chance to win a festive feast with all the trimmings: a Christmas carvery for two people in The Bridge! To enter, come along to Karaoke this evening in The Stag’s and look for a “Merry Christmas” gift tag hidden under one of the bar stools. Once you’ve found it, keep hold of it and message the Union’s Facebook page. We will be in touch with your carvery vouchers!

Winner: Laura Poudevigne. Well done, Laura!

Day 3 (06 December)

Win a bottle of Prosecco to enjoy at Freshers’ Christmas Ball 2017! We will be keeping a close eye on the Box Office today – whoever is the tenth person to buy a Christmas Ball ticket (just £15 from susu.org/boxoffice or the Box Office in Building 42) will be the lucky winner. Good luck and remember you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Winner: Santosh Varathadasan. Congrats, Santosh!

Day 2 (05 December)

It’s day two of the 12 Days of Christmas Competitions. To win a yummy hamper of chocolates and sweets, come along to the WSA Quiz and Curry: Christmas Special this evening and design the best gingerbread house. Decorations will be provided but feel free to bring extra to make your house stand out from the crowd!

Students from all campuses are welcome (the free WSA shuttle bus is available from Highfield Interchange). Why not explore the Winchester Christmas markets after the quiz is finished?

Winning team: “Silent Knights”

Day 1 (04 December)

Our first competition is an easy one! To enter, just click ‘Interested’ on the 12 days of Christmas event and invite your friends. The winner will be drawn at random tomorrow morning and will receive a box of Christmas tree decorations to deck their halls!

Winner: Alice Mc Watters Well done, Alice!

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