Shoebox Appeal: How your donations have helped

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Throughout December 2017 we ran our annual Shoe Box Appeal in association with our Homed society. We received a fantastic 53 boxes of essential items, toiletries and gifts, which were donated to Two Saints Day Centre, an organisation who support the homeless in Southampton.

You may wonder exactly how our donations contribute to the important work Two Saints carries out. We were thrilled to receive a thank you letter from the team at Two Saints Day Centre:

“As an organisation we are always grateful to receive donations, especially clothing, food, toiletries, shoes and of course financial. It goes without saying that your support of our work can and does make a tangible difference to people’s lives and will help us to continue to offer the services that we do.”

The letter also included a breakdown of the support the Day Centre offers:

“The Day Centre offers a welcoming, safe environment where clients can come to eat, shower, participate in some meaningful activities, socialise with friends or share knowledge and skills with others. The support/facilities offered includes: access to a phone/phone charger … hot meals and emergency food parcels … shower facilities … clean clothing, shoes, toiletries and sleeping backs, rucksacks …”

As you can see, the items we all contributed in December will go a long way in helping Two Saints provide Day Centre services.

Sam Higman, VP Welfare, says: “It’s great to see how our donations have contributed to an important cause, thank you to everyone who got involved with our Christmas Shoebox Appeal.”

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