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This #WellDoneWednesday we are celebrating the recent successes of our Academic Reps from the Faculty of Health Sciences, who have made a number of improvements to student experiences this year.

Passing on your ideas, concerns and feedback to your Course Reps can really make a difference, as we can see from the huge list below! The Union works hard to make sure all students are represented, working alongside the University in making change happen. If you want to know who you Course Reps are, you can search for them here.

Take a look at the recent successes from the Union’s Academic Reps in Health Sciences:

  • Badge Ceremony (Nursing and Midwifery)

When students finish the course, a badge ceremony will now take place, which is separate to University graduation ceremony. This is something Course Reps and NurSoc have continually been asking for, and will now be a brilliant opportunity for the whole cohort to get together and receive a memento from their time at Southampton before moving on to start NQN roles.

  • ‘Grading in Practice Document’ (Nursing)

Many students were confused about the grading criteria from their placements, so Academic Reps pushed for a document to be added on Blackboard with clear information on grading in practice, including how different criterion carry different grade weighting.

  • Male Nursing Uniform (Nursing)

Previously, the male student uniform (white tunic) was different to the female student uniform (blue and white striped tunic). Male students will now also have striped tunics, which looks more professional for the Nursing Programme and demonstrates how gender neutrality is taken seriously at Southampton.

  • Course Reps Drop-Ins (Nursing)

New Course Rep drop-in sessions are a great way for students to feedback, particularly if they don’t have social media as a way to share their thoughts.

  • Clinical Skills (Nursing)

Students have been asking for more Skills sessions for the past few years. Our Reps have finally been successful in securing more clinical Skills sessions for all years of study.

  • Post Placement Debrief (Nursing)

Students expressed they needed a debrief after placements to talk about how it had gone, as a form of support for them. Commencing next academic year (2018/19), these debriefs will now take place.

  • Faculty Common Room (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Students are now being consulted on how they would like the student common room to be set up whilst renovations take place over the summer.

  • Final Year Students Christmas Social (Faculty of Health Sciences)

A Christmas Social will now take place for final year students in Health Sciences. This will hopefully be expanded to include all Health Sciences students next year!

  • PAT – Personal Academic Tutors (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Students felt quite distant from their PATs, and it was agreed they should now meet with their tutees at least four times a year. A communications policy was also circulated which detailed email response time expectations.


Find out more about our Academic Reps and how the Union looks after your academic interests here: Students’ Union Academic Reps

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