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We are delighted to announce that we have recently started sponsoring an adorable Guide Dog puppy! We received several name suggestions for this cute pup, and third year undergraduate Psychology student Emilie Paulsen’s suggestion of Sansa was the winner! Emilie said:

“I’m so happy to hear that you chose to name the puppy Sansa! I came across a stand on campus that offered to let me suggest a name for a £1 donation. Sansa is the name of my favourite character in the TV show “Game of Thrones”. She’s kind, intelligent and loyal to the people she loves. These are qualities found in many guide dogs, and thus I thought it would be perfect to name the puppy Sansa”.

Sansa is a Golden Retriever x German Shepherd and was born on 08 February 2018, making her currently three months old (awww!). She has been welcomed onto the Guide Dogs training scheme and by now would have spent six weeks with her Puppy Walker.  At this age, she will be discovering new sights and sounds and be taken on gentle walks in the local area.

What’s next for Sansa?

In the next twelve weeks, Sansa will be developing her confidence and should feel happy and relaxed in most conditions – socialisation with people and animals will be part of her regular training routine. By ten months, she will have really blossomed and will be responsive to a range of commands from her Puppy Walker, such as ‘sit’ and ‘lie’.  Depending on her progress and general maturity, a date will be discussed to set her up for more advanced training.

We wish Sansa and her Puppy Walker the best of luck! Keep an eye on our social media here for future pupdates!

Find out more about Guide Dogs at www.guidedogs.org.uk.


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