Intramural Awards 2018

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We are pleased to announce the trophy winners of our Intramural league this year! To collect your team’s trophy, please visit the Sabbatical Office in Building 42.

Futsal – Glen Eyre

Basketball – Badgers Black

Badminton Doubles – HinduSoc Doubles

Badminton Mixed – HinduSoc Mixed

Hockey – SUENS

Rugby – Glen Eyre Lost Boys

Football Weekend Division One – Connaught 1s

Football Weekend Division Two – BusSoc FC

Football Weekend Division Three – Glen Eyre FC

Football Midweek Division One – Monte Halls 1

Football Midweek Division Two – Liberty Point

Netball Division One – Bluetits A

Netball Division Two – Chamberlain

Netball Division Three – EnvSci

Netball Division Four – Connaught Rovers

What is Intramural sport?

Our Intramural leagues are made up of teams of friends and peers from Halls, courses and societies who want to play sport purely for fun, rather than in the more competitive environment of Team Southampton. Why not ask your Halls Committee, society president or Course Rep if they know of a team you can join!

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