Freshers’: Things you’re probably worried about that will actually be ok

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As the big move to University gets closer, there’s bound to be some things you’re feeling a little nervous about, and that’s okay!

We hope these tips put some of your worries at ease…

I’m not going to make any friends

Remember: There are lots of opportunities to meet new people, some even specifically created to help you make friends.

We have a wide range of Freshers’ events whatever your interests and they can be a great way break the ice. If you want to get a head start, there are loads of Facebook groups you can join to find people that will be in the same Halls as you, you can find the links on our Facebook Freshers page.

Don’t panic if you haven’t found your BFF in the first week. There are so many opportunities to meet new people throughout the year, and everyone is in the same boat and probably feeling the exact same way as you!

Clubs and Societies are the perfect way to find like-minded people who are into the same thing as you or to just try something new and force you out of your comfort zone.

The course is going to be too hard

Remember: You’ve done well enough in your exams to get here!

First year of Uni is all about finding your feet but if you’re ever feeling stressed about your course don’t forget to ask for help. Don’t feel shy about asking your friends either, you may find other people on your course are feeling the same way as you and are looking for someone to study with.

It’s also important to know that our Advice Centre are always here to help if you feel like you’re struggling or just need to talk things through!

I’m going to be SO broke

Remember: Budget your money and plan for rent, food, travel and socialising and don’t spend your student loan in the first week!

Our daytime Freshers’ events like Union Fayre, Bunfight and Freshers’ Fayre are all absolutely FREE and so are many of the clubs and societies on offer.

Don’t forget our Advice Centre is always there to help in situations just like this and they have drop in sessions weekly. For more info click here.

I’m going to miss home too much 

Remember: Check in with your family and friends often. Why not create family and friends group chats so you can stay in the loop with everything that’s going on at home. Don’t underestimate the power of a quick FaceTime home to make you feel better.

Bring some home comforts with you to make your new room feel homely like photos of family and friends.

I don’t know where I’m going

Remember: No one does!

Getting lost and having no idea where you are is all part of Freshers’. Don’t be shy about asking someone for directions, everyone has been in the same position as you before! Leave a little bit earlier than you normally would for the first week or two until you know your way around.

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