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You’ve arrived at the University of Southampton, and you’re finally here in the big city of Southampton! But how can you get around and explore everything you want to? Here are a few top tips from us…


The Unilink bus is the perfect way to get to and from campus. If you’re living in Halls in Southampton, good news! You’ll automatically get a free Unilink bus pass. This also gives you access to the city’s Bluestar buses, so it’s a great way to begin exploring Southampton and beyond. To buy a pass or to discuss your options, pop in to the Unilink office above The Shop on Highfield campus.


Late for a lecture or need to do some shopping down at West Quay? Cycling is a cheap and healthy way to get around. There are loads of cycle routes and plenty of places to lock up your bike on campus. Visit the University’s Public Transport and Cycling webpage. Don’t forget the Bike Doctor visits us fortnightly and offers free bike check ups! Look out for dates at www.susu.org/calendar

Students’ Union Safety Bus

When it comes to getting home at the end of a night, being safe is essential. We run a Safety Bus service every evening from Highfield campus, which will take you directly to your doorstep for just £1.50. Avoid travelling home alone, especially if you are walking and make sure you text your friends to let them know when you’ve arrived home.

WSA Shuttle Bus

Thanks to student suggestions, and a joint initiative from the Union and University, a free shuttle bus now runs from Highfield Campus in Southampton to the Winchester School of Art in the centre of Winchester. The shuttle runs hourly (on the hour from Highfield, on the half-hour from Winchester) and all you need to use it is your Student ID.

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