What to pack for university (and what to leave behind)

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Congratulations, you’ve secured a place at University! Now the excitement and nerves of moving to a new city begins.

It can be tricky to know what’s needed in your student home. For many of you this is the first experience of fending for yourself and it’s easy to pack too much, or forget something important. We’re here to help! Check if you’ve packed:

Important documents. A form of ID, your University admissions letter, accommodation documents, bank details and bank card, and some passport-sized photos.

Device charger cables. Think they’re packed? Check again.

Winter clothes. Cold weather will be here sooner than you think! Pack jumpers, hoodies and a waterproof jacket, just in case the British weather sneaks up on you.

Tupperware boxes. Very handy for storing tasty leftovers.

Laundry basket. For hauling clothes to and from the laundry room/laundrette.

Sturdy rucksack or bag. Think about how many books and notepads will be needed for lectures (maybe a laptop, too). Choose a sturdy, waterproof bag with comfy straps, your back and shoulders will thank you.

Pyjamas and/or a dressing gown. As well as being super cosy, they avoid you getting caught out with a late night fire alarm with nothing to stand outside in…

Small first aid and sewing kit. For cuts, scrapes and damaged clothes.

Hard-drive and/or USBs. Always keep uni work backed up, trust us on this one!

Photos from home. Some photos of friends and family will bring a little bit of home to a new bedroom.

Childhood teddy. Bringing them along on your new adventure isn’t embarrassing and you’ll be surprised how many people bring theirs too.

These can stay at home:

  • Your entire wardrobe. Definitely bring a variety of clothes, but it will be a struggle to bring everything you own on the first trip.
  • Toiletries and cleaning products. These can all be bought on the first big supermarket shop after moving in.
  • Small kitchen appliances e.g. kettles, toasters. If everyone brings their own appliances your kitchen might get a little crowded. You and your housemates can all chip in together and buy appliances to share.
  • Pets. We know it’s heart breaking to leave them behind, but most student housing won’t allow pets, no matter how small. Give them a big cuddle and promise to visit soon.

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