7 things you should do after moving into Halls

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Now that you’ve arrived at the University of Southampton and you’re settling into your new home, it’s time to go and meet your housemates and get stuck into Freshers’ here at the Students’ Union! Here are a few top tips to help kick-start your student experience in the best way possible…

1.Don’t hide away in your room

Staying behind closed doors doesn’t exactly encourage conversation – go introduce yourself to your new housemates! Hanging out in the communal kitchen or Hall’s bar is also a good way to settle in.

2.Swap phone numbers

In this day and age, phone numbers can seem pretty redundant. But what happens if you lose your housemates in a packed night club with no 4G? This is when you realise how important they are! Swapping numbers will avoid hours of stressful searching and that lonely taxi trip home.

3. Head to the Students’ Union’s Welcome Festival

Head to our Welcome Festivals at the Students’ Union (Highfield Campus) where you can collect your all-important Student ID, Halls t-shirt and Freshers’ event tickets!

4. Enjoy a meal with your housemates

Take a trip to your local supermarket to stock up on those kitchen essentials (teabags and coffee are a good start) and choose a meal to enjoy as a group. As the weeks progress, you will get into a rhythm of solo or group cooking, but cooking together and eating a meal round the table is a great way to get to know each other and plan which Freshers’ events you’ll be heading to.

5. Explore Southampton

Take some time to walk around your local area and locate bus stops, routes to Uni and convenience stores. Head into the city centre to discover all the shops, places to eat and bars Southampton has to offer. Once you’re all settled in, places await your exploration further afield, like the New Forest, Portsmouth and Bournemouth.

6. Go meet other Freshers

Once you’ve met your housemates, knock on the doors of your neighbours, and if you live in Halls, the ones above and below your flat too. Meet and greet as many new faces as you can and invite them round for a cuppa (or your first house party!).

7. Remember to keep your ID and keys on you

There’s nothing worse than going all the way to the Students’ Union or the city centre for a night out only to find you are missing those vital pieces of plastic to get in. Just to clarify, your Student ID will give you a discount on Student nights, but is NOT a proof of age. If you have one, we suggest using your driving license rather than your passport as those are a pain to replace if they get lost.

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