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1st October marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our very own Uni Boob Team are shouting from the rooftops about regularly checking your boobs.

You may have seen them spreading their boob wisdom around Campus and beyond, hosting Glitter Parties, cake sales, and ‘shower take-overs’, they’re all about raising awareness and having a good time doing it.

These champions of boob health want to help everyone stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer, through early detection, education and empowerment. The team work throughout the year to fundraise and to try to “break the taboo surrounding boob checking.”

The teams President, Alice Ovens recently attended Boob School.

The Uni Boob Team work as student representatives of CoppaFeel! a charity started after founder, Kris Hallenga was diagnosed with breast cancer aged just 23.

“women who’ve heard of our charity are 37% more likely to check themselves and feel confident doing so.”

“The work CoppaFeel! does is so important” the team says, “as it ensures that people are aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, women who’ve heard of our charity are 37% more likely to check themselves and feel confident doing so.”

Having recently undergone training at ‘Boob School’ the team have been having a big recruitment drive to grow their team and are busy planning for an exciting year, “we’re hoping to collaborate with other societies and put on some amazing events and socials and as a team, we want to raise £500 in our first term.”

New Pec Rep, Mark

A quick scroll of their Instagram and the abundance of pink, heart emojis and well…boobs, may have you thinking that this society is all about the females. However, even though breast cancer is rare in men, they believe this means it’s even more important that they know what they’re looking for.

“I’m mostly just loving spreading the boob love.” 

That’s why the Uni Boob Team has recently made room for their very first ‘Pec Rep’ to help raise awareness for male sufferers, and to help spread the word. “I’m loving the team and all the great people I’ve met” says new Pec Rep, Mark, “walking around with the giant boob on, you get some great looks. I’m mostly just loving spreading the boob love.”


The Uni Boob Team are always on the lookout for more boys to get involved with CoppaFeel! “I think it’s important for guys to get involved. I only found out recently that men can get breast cancer” admits Mark, “since guys normally wouldn’t pay attention to breast cancer awareness I thought having a guy on the team would make them take more notice. I feel like amongst guys it would be a bit of a taboo topic, so getting more boys to know would help get rid of that and get them talking about their pec health.”

Check out this amazing how-to video produced by SUSUTV. 


So what can you expect from the the Uni Boob Team this year? “We’ll be at the Halls Roadshows at the beginning of October and students can look out for more Glitter Parties and our Bra Pong Championships.”


You can donate to the Uni Boob Team in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month here.You can also keep up with their amazing work through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you would like to be a part of the team, or join any of the other societies we have here at SUSU, please click here.


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