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10th October is World Mental Health Day, an annual day recognised by The World Health Organisation to provide an opportunity for those working on mental health issues to talk about their work and what more needs to be done. This year’s theme, chosen by the World Federation for Mental Health, is ‘young people and mental health in a changing world’.


As a Students’ Union, young people’s mental health and well being is so important to us. We would like to take this World Mental Health Day to talk about the work being done and the work left to do.


Student Minds is a national student mental health charity and Student Minds Society form the Southampton branch. The team run support sessions for students, aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, and run campaigns for mental wellbeing. During term time they regularly work to raise awareness and run weekly ‘positive mind groups’ to support students suffering from low mood or mild depression.


What’s been done so far? 

So far, Student Minds has been working closely with Sexual Consent Awareness (SCA) Society to promote their events and build on the increasing awareness surrounding the importance of sexual consent. “We’re really excited to be working with SCA throughout the year on a fantastic report that will document how students feel about sexual consent awareness, and how we can widen the reach of important information.”

The team were also busy at this year’s Bunfight, “we had a great day with a lovely happiness board and got to speak to loads of wonderful students.”

“This course is perfect for students struggling with low mood or mild depression who want to get a little support from other students.”


What’s to come? 

Student Minds first major event will be held on this year’s World Mental Health Day; a Meet and Greet for their Positive Minds course. “This is a chance for students to come along and meet our facilitators, get an idea of what the Positive Minds course is like, and help them to form some friendships before our 6 week course starts. This course is perfect for students struggling with low mood or mild depression who want to get a little support from other students.”


What’s left to do?

This year, Student Minds are looking to collaborate more with other societies. “We’re really keen on collaboration like our work with SCA and Mind Society to promote student mental health, give opportunities for students to find support, and generally act as a friendly support system for all University of Southampton students. Combine campaigning with our Positive Minds course and we hope to have a fantastic year.”


To get involved with the Student Minds please click here, or for more information you can find them on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.


You can find information about all the mental health services available to you here.


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